Bidding Prayers for World Debt Day

 The White Fathers in Algeria have written the following Bidding Prayers for use in Catholic Masses on World Debt Day this Sunday. Response : Lord of Justice and of Peace, hear our prayer. 1. The Church has the right and the duty to play a full part in the creation of a just society, using all the means at our disposition and in union with other believers. We pray that we, as disciples of Jesus, may know how to commit ourselves, at all levels and through concrete action, to the changing of unjust structures which imprison people in permanent oppression. 2. Let us pray for rulers and heads of governments and of all international organizations, that they might strive ever more for a worldwide solidarity which assures the dignity due to people and peoples, attacking the very roots of injustice and suffering; and that they might implement effective measures to lighten the crushing debt of poorer nations. 3. For poor countries suffering from widespread corruption, often caused by exterior interests but exacerbated by dishonest politicians; we pray that through a renewal of conscience they might achieve a harmonious and transparent management of their affairs. 4. We pray, too, for rich countries. May they be more aware of their duty to support the efforts of poorer neighbours to escape from poverty and misery; this is the only way to ensure the conditions necessary for a stable peace and a lasting spirit of harmony. 5. We pray for all those who struggle today for a just and truly human standard of life for everyone. May the Lord help them in their commitment, and may they never be discouraged by the difficulties they face. Source: Jubilee Debt Campaign

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