Ken Loach movie wins ecumenical award

 A film about the relationship between a Muslim and a Catholic was been awarded the SIGNIS-INTERFILM Ecumenical Jury award at the 54th Berlin Film Festival (14-16 February)

Ae Fond Kiss, directed by Ken Loach is a thought-provoking story about a Muslim son of devout Pakistani immigrants in Scotland who falls in love with an Irish Catholic teacher. In the face of family opposition the two lovers set up home together causing her to lose her job at a Catholic secondary school.

According to the Jury: "This love story gives an impressive example of the cultural, religious and social barriers which have to be overcome for people from different cultural backgrounds to have a common future. A plea for tolerance and intercultural understanding."

A Commendation went to "Svjedoci" (Witnesses) by Vinko Bresan of Croatia which explores the moral complexities of war.

The prize for a film from the Panorama went to "Mi piace lavorare (Mobbing)" (I Like to Work) by Francesca Comencini of Italy.

"The film depicts a woman suffering economic injustice and abuse of corporate power in her work place. The director's compellingly appropriate imagery underscores the right to justice and human dignity."

The prize for a film from the Forum went to "Folle embellie" (A Wonderful Spell) by Dominique Cabrera (France).

"The film is simultaneously an intriguing story and a compelling metaphor. It contrasts the insanity of war with the insanity of mentally troubled persons and raises possibilities for healing through community and human relations."

The members of the Ecumenical jury were: Werner Schneider-Quindeau (Jury President, Germany), Frank Frost (USA), Oldrich Selucky (Czech Republic), Lothar Strüber (Germany), Julienne N. Munyaneza (Rwanda) and Marjorie Suchocki (USA).

The international film organizations of the Catholic and Protestant churches SIGNIS (World Catholic Association for Communication) and INTERFILM have been represented by the Ecumenical Jury at the Berlin Film Festival since 1992.

Source: SIGNIS

BERLIN - 19 February 2004 - 316 words

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