Iranian director wins Catholic-Muslim cinema award

 A comedy film, described as a 'Muslim version of Sister Act' won the second annual SIGNIS Interfaith award, which was presented in the national theatre in Tehran, Iran, last Tuesday, 10 February.

The Lizard, directed by Kamal Tabrizi, tells the story of a prisoner who escapes from custody dressed as a mullah and who changes the lives of people who believe in him.

The SIGNIS Interfaith award is a collaboration between SIGNIS, the World Catholic Association for Communication and the International Fajr Film Festival to single out films which dramatise values which are common to Islam and Christianity.

The jury panel this year consisted of Dr Dominic Yung, Director of the Hong Kong Archdiocesan Audiovisual Centre, Hossein Karami, director of Channel 4, Tehran, and Fr Peter Malone MSC, President of SIGNIS.

LONDON - 16 February 2004 - 134 words

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