Holy See protests as more bishops are jailed in China

 Following the news of another wave of arrests of Catholic bishops in China, the Holy See Press Office Director Joaquin Navarro-Valls issued the following statement today: "Requests for information have been made concerning recent wire service reports of new arrests of bishops in China. "Since May 27 there has been no news of the 84-year old bishop of Xuanhua who was taken into custody by police forces. The coadjutor bishop of Xiwanzi was placed in custody from June 2 to 12, whereas the bishop of Zhengding was held by the authorities for five days. "The Holy See feels deep pain for these measures, for which no reason has been communicated. They are inconceivable in a State of law and go against human rights, in particular religious freedom, which are sanctioned in numerous international documents, even subscribed to by the People's Republic of China." Source: VIS

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