Zimbabwe: politician attacks Archbishop Pius Ncube

 A representative of Zimbabwe's ruling Zanu PF party in Johannesburg launched a scathing attack on Archbishop Pius Ncube on Monday. Gadzira Chirumanzu, Zanu PF's SA secretary for information said he thought Archbishop Ncube's recent visit to South Africa was a "misguided mission". "Instead of building bridges, he seems to be agitating for chaos and insurrection. Surely, a bishop should have some modicum of decency," he said. Chirumanzu asked why Ncube was campaigning in South Africa for support for a free and fair election in Zimbabwe. He said: "In case the bishop is not aware, the elections will take place in Zimbabwe and not in South Africa." Chirumanzu said he thought the bishop was on a fund-raising mission for next year's elections, and had abandoned his flock to become a full-time politician. Ncube had been openly invited to meet Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, he said. "Up to now the archbishop has not embraced the invitation". When pressed by reporters however, he admitted that Mugabe had not actually contacted Ncube, relying on the media to advertise his "invitation".

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