South African churches call for sanctions on Zimbabwe

 Church leaders of all denominations across Southern Africa have called for the international community to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe. On Friday, a spokesman for the South African Catholic Bishops' Conference said: "We believe the South African government knows the appropriate sanctions to take against Zimbabwe as happened during the apartheid era. The sanctions should spare the already suffering people but would be directed at mostly those in power who have continued to benefit from the regime's system." Repeating this view, on Saturday the Southern African Council of Churches (SACC) which represents all major denominations, called on a range of organisations to condemn the Zimbabwean government's human rights violations. The SACC general secretary Molefe Tsele told the SA-based daily News Online: "The time had now come for the UN, the Southern African Development Community and the African Union to act against l human rights violators hiding behind flimsy excuses. He said the churches should send a clear message to human rights violators that they would be accountable for human rights abuses at some stage once they are ousted from power. He said: "We have to be unapologetic in requiring the human rights of ordinary Zimbabweans to be upheld. Their rights are being sacrificed and we have to resolutely defended the rights of Zimbabweans who continue to suffer." Source: ZW News

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