Catholic agencies support Beslan with action and prayer

 CAFOD and the other members of Caritas Internationalis have joined together in prayer for all the victims of the tragedy in Beslan. The Caritas branch for the diocese of Saratov, which covers Beslan, has been present at the scene of the horrific events since the siege began last week. The team of volunteers at the school includes two psychologists. Mr Vadim Naboitshenko, Emergency Coordinator of Saratov Diocesan Caritas reported that all Caritas workers were in shock due to what they had seen in Beslan, but were working around the clock to offer assistance. They have met on several occasions to pray together. Caritas has already provided medicines and medical material to the two hospitals in Vladikavkaz where children from Beslan are being treated and is currently examining further types of assistance needed and asked for. A CAFOD representative said: "Our thoughts and prayers remain with all those injured and bereaved from this act of human ferocity."

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