TV documentary focusses on lives of American Catholics

 For the 65 million Roman Catholics in the United States, there is no "typical" way to put belief into action, but a tapestry of ways to live out the faith. Faith Works: Across the USA, a new documentary to be screened first in America looks at ordinary days in the lives of several US Catholics. They include: * an Alaskan priest who pilots his own plane to remote parishes * a New Orleans restaurateur who serves up vital job skills to inner city youth * a religious sister who travels the back roads of Appalachia providing health care to the poor. * a Jesuit priest who is also a world-famous astronomer in Arizona * workers at a homeless project in San Francisco * the head teacher of a Catholic elementary school in Fort Worth, Texas, that works with many immigrant families The one-hour programme, was produced by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops' Catholic Communication Campaign (CCC) and will be made available to ABC stations across the USA in October. Plans for its release overseas will be announced soon. The Catholic Communication Campaign is an effort of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to develop programming, public service announcements, and other resources to promote Gospel values in the media. Source: USCCB

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