Iraq: Christian students go on strike

 Christian students at Mosul university staged a strike yesterday in protest at the increasing violence against their community. Catholic priest Fr Nizar Semaan told Fides. news agency "Faced with the situation of serious insecurity 1,500 Christian boys and girls, enrolled at Mosul university are calling for more protection from the authorities. The decision to strike was not easy because this is precisely what the terrorists want to make Iraq fall back into ignorance. The students also call for solidarity from the international scientific community and scholars all over the world, and urge governments to help stop terrorist violence in Iraq." Father Nizar said: "Since UN sanctions were imposed in 1991, guaranteeing young people the right to study has been a priority for Mosul diocese. "Despite limited economic resources the diocese has always helped students to go to university in the awareness that new better educated generations will build a better future for Iraq. These efforts are being undermined by violence. The terrorists have threatened to blow up buses which the local Church sends to collect students in outlying villages." He said: "Action must be taken quickly to avoid another humanitarian disaster. The students are confident that someone will help, but how long can they hope and wait?" Source: Fides

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