Urgent appeal for prayers from Zimbabwe

 A parish priest in Zimbabwe has sent this appeal today. Dear All The Reverend Noel Scott needs our prayers from the wider Church. For the last two weeks or so this trial has been going on in Bulawayo. The Prosecutor has presented all his witness and have brought nothing to the case. For those not in the know, the Reverend Noel Scott is being charged with ignoring a police order this took in February of 2002 just before the election, The story goes like this Fr Noel as required by the law of the country under POSA (Public Security Act) to give notice to police to have a pray, and march service. This involved going around four churches in Hillside Bulawayo. The Churches include, Christ the King (Catholic), Presbyterian, Methodist and Finally Ascension(Anglican) . Instead of walking Fr Noel advised us that the police had prohibited the walk and effectively prohibiting the pray and walk. Instead it was agreed that instead of walking we would drive in a convoy depicting the death of democracy and freedom of worship in the country. After the last stop Father Noel was taken to the police where he was charged. So on Thursday he takes the stand himself and judgement will be delivered afterward. And so far all the magistrates in the country have sort to rule in favour of the state to safe guard they jobs. So we face an up hill struggle but with prayer we will conquer. 1. I plead to each one of you to first send this e-mail to your own list. 2. Secondly to pray for Father Noel and indeed many activists in our country 3. If you do live in Bulawayo to cancel all your appointments and to make time for the court section on Thursday the 18th of November 2004 at the Tredgold Building Court One at 2pm. I am sure whatever you are doing on Thursday can wait. It could be anyone of us standing in this trial. Please do support by prayers and by your presence. Let us fill the court room and show solidarity to a strong Christian Leader Fr Noel Scott, "Our Beloved Rector Emeritus." Remember if one Christian is prosecuted for standing for Gospel values the all are prosecuted. This is The Kairos moment to stand together and to be seen and to witness for God in our Time.

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