The perfect summer movie from Thailand

 This is the perfect summer movie. Produced by the makers of Tears of the Black Tiger, it is a potent blend of Elvis Presley-style musical, love story and poisonous social satire in Hysteric Glamour t-shirts.

Pan is a country boy newlywed to his first love, Sadaw, when he's signed up for military service. Success in a local talent contest turns Pan's head and he goes AWOL to pursue his dream, but instead finds himself fending off the advances of his predatory manager. As Sadaw is seduced by a smooth-talking worm tablet salesman, Pan winds up begging on the streets having committed manslaughter. A hit at the 2002 Cannes Festival confirming director Pen-ek as the young pretender to Wong Kar Wai Ratanaruang.

Mon-rak Transistor is being screened throughout June at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in The Mall.

An exhibition about the work of the Pattaya Orphanage Trust, who work in some of the locations depicted in the film, including street children, and people with disabilities, is taking place in the foyer.

For more information visit the ICA website at: Box Office: 0207 930 3647

To find out more about the Pattaya Orphanaga Trust see: - 10 June 2003 - 200 words

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