Australian Cardinal urges support for victims of economic crisis

The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, has called on all Australians, while they prepare for their Christmas celebrations, to think of those people suffering as a result of the economic turbulence.

In his annual Christmas message, the Cardinal said the economic crisis is unlikely to improve quickly and our first thoughts should be with those who have already lost their jobs.

"All people of good will and especially all Christians must be ready to co-operate at some personal disadvantage, to support those who are in trouble", he said. "Christians should be expected to "practice what we preach about solidarity and support."
The Cardinal went on to say that it is often the bad times that can give us a jolt and  sometimes help us to check our priorities.
"The world is not as it seems at first glance and Christmas is a time for us to renew our sense of wonder. Not just wondering how the international captains of finance could have got it so wrong, but wondering about the daily blessings we take for granted; friends, family, a decent society and our way of life" he said.

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