Bethlehem: Palm Sunday peace procession

 On Sunday, the local community of Bethlehem area, joined by visitors from all over the world, will walk from Bethlehem to Jerusalem to celebrate Palm Sunday. Since 1990, Palestinian Christians and Muslims are prohibited from entering Jerusalem which deprives them the basic right to worship in the Holy City. It is expected that the procession will be intercepted by the Israeli army, at the military checkpoint between Bethlehem and Jerusalem. The procession will attempt to go through the checkpoint despite the interception. Marchers will walk with donkeys and carry palm branches resembling the entry of Jesus to the holy City 2000 years ago. Marchers will carry signs calling for freedom of worship, demanding free access to Jerusalem, and stop land confiscation and wall constructions. Gathering will be at the Nativity Square at 11:30 after the Sunday mass, and then procession will go through the city of Bethlehem to the northern entrance of the city. Source: Amos Trust

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