Appeal for prayers from Zimbabwe

 The following letter was sent to ICN from Zimbabwe by Fr Hansel Jaison cmm. Dear Friends On the 31st March, there will be Parliamentary elections in Zimbabwe. As I am writing there are serious campaigns from the ruling ZANU (PF) party and the main opposition party MDC. The economic and social situations are equally bad: marital breakdowns, theft, and rising cost of living are among the factors that are affecting the nation. The past five years has been the most difficult ones for Zimbabweans, since the country became independent in 1980. Indeed, these are most challenging moments. The various religious congregations in the Archdiocese of Bulawayo held today, the 19 March, the feast of St Joseph (from 8am - 4p,) a Prayer service for peace and justice in the country, especially during the time of the elections. Please keep us in your prayers. I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter. May God bless, Yours in Christ, Hansel Jaison cmm. Prayer for Zimbabwe: God our Father, We thank You for giving us our country, Zimbabwe. We thank You for the gift of diversity of culture in our country. We earnestly ask You for peaceful, free and fair elections. Where each man and woman may exercise his or her right to vote for a party or leader of his or her choice without intimidation or violence. Give wisdom to leaders that they may be people who have the welfare of their people at heart: leaders who are accountable and responsible to the electorate. God of mercy, may You avert the looming drought, and give us the rain that we desperately need. We pray for the poor and the needy in our midst, that their situation may not be taken advantage of by the politicians, especially during the forthcoming elections. We also bring before You those who are affected and infected by HIV and AIDS, that You may be their source of love and heir suffering. All these, we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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