Jesuits in worldwide day of action to fight poverty

 British Jesuits and thousands of their co-workers will be joining together on Sunday, 15 May for a Day of Prayer and Action in support of MakePOVERTYHistory. The initiative by the British Province of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) has attracted interest throughout the world, as schoolchildren, teachers, parishioners, priests, brothers and lay people who work with the Jesuits commit themselves to public activities that draw attention to the 2005 campaign for 'Trade Justice, Drop the Debt, and More and Better Aid'. In addition to wearing the white band, many groups will be forming human white bands around buildings such as schools or churches. Classes and assemblies will have a special focus on the issues and the people involved; and Jesuit parishes from the north of Scotland to South Africa, and from Brixton Hill in London to Barbados in the West Indies will be reflecting and praying that the G8 leaders, meeting in Gleneagles in July, will be persuaded to honour the Millennium pledges. One of the highlights of the Day of Prayer and Action will be a prayer prayed simultaneously in Britain (2pm) and its two dependent regions of Guyana (9am) and South Africa (3pm). The prayer has been specially written by Jesuit poet, Fr Patrick Purnell SJ, and is attached below for reference. The British Jesuit Provincial, Fr David Smolira SJ, says an initiative of this nature is a vivid illustration of the Jesuits' commitment to human dignity and justice for all. "As Jesuits, we believe in a 'Faith that does Justice', a spirituality that draws us into engagement with the important issues of our time. This year, we have what may be a unique opportunity to improve the lives of millions of people around the world who are suffering and dying needlessly because of poverty. By uniting in prayers and other activities on the Jesuit Day of Prayer and Action, we shall be demonstrating our solidarity with the poor, as we call upon the international community to work towards a fairer, more just world." Source: Jesuit Communications Office

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