Spain: Catholics called to oppose same-sex marriage

 Following the announcement that the Spanish government plans to allow same-sex marriages, the Spanish Bishops Conference issued a statement on Friday, appealing for Catholics to oppose the ruling. In a statement entitled: 'On conscientious objection with regard to a radically unjust law which perverts the institution of marriage' they said: "It is our duty to speak out clearly at this moment when Spain is about to retrograde on the path of civilisation with an unprecedented law which would seriously harm the fundamental rights of marriage, the family, young people and educators. " The Bishops said the new legal definition which Parliament intends to give to matrimony is " a flagrant negation of fundamental anthropological facts and authentic overturning of the most basic principles of social order." With regard to the eventual approval of the law - the Bishops said: "we wish once again to underline the consequences of this step". They said the law would undermine the institution of marriage and would cause enormous harm to children adopted by same sex couples. The Bishops said the amendment in question "is not a law because it contradicts reason and goes against moral norms" and because "a civil law cannot contradict reason without losing its power to oblige in conscience." The Bishops said Catholics must oppose the law firmly and decisively saying that "everyone has the right to object according to conscience. The country's democratic order is bound to respect fundamental freedom of conscience and to guarantee its exercise." The Bishops concluded: "to take a stance against immoral dispositions which are contrary to reason does not mean going against anyone, but rather standing for the truth and the good of every human person." Source: Fides

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