Kenya: bishops appeal for calm after massacre

 Following the killing of more than 70 people in tribal clashes in Marsabit, northern Kenya, the bishops' conference issued the following statement We the Bishops of Kenya, while attending an extraordinary meeting at the Resurrection Garden, are shocked and appalled at what we have been told and what we have read in the media, about the carnage and gross inhumanity that is taking place in Marsabit and Moyale Districts of our free and Beloved Kenya. Many innocent people and even innocent school children have lost their lives. We condemn the barbaric acts of violence in the strongest terms. No one has the right to take the life of another for whatever reason! We express our solidarity and sympathy to the families who have lost their dear ones. We the Bishops of Kenya, and particularly the Catholic Diocese of Marsabit, which has been there for the last forty years, wish to assure our people that we stand by them as this time of grief. We appeal, and even beg the people in the Districts that this dark shadow or apparent tribal conflict and hatred, may not appear in our land. We call upon the local leaders to preach, teach and practice peace in these moments. This is your time to make major and lasting contribution for the well-being of your people. Avoid divisive and selfish political interest. We urge you to look at the root causes of this situation and do something about it. We also appeal to the Government to urgently strengthen security in the area, as has been repeatedly requested by the people who live in daily fear. Our people in many parts of our country are in fact living in a state of continuous fear and apprehension. Let us live up to prayer of our National Anthem that "may we live in unity, peace and liberty. May justice be between our borders". We as shepherds, urge all our people in Kenya, to pray for the end of this violence, and that lasting peace may prevail in Marsabit and Moyale, and indeed in all parts of Kenya. We need to pray, judge and act urgently. Source: CISA

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