Belgium seeks transferral of Fr Guy Theunis

 Belgian Foreign Minister Karel de Gucht formally filed a request for the transfer of prosecution to Belgium of Father Guy Theunis of the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers) after a meeting with Rwandan Foreign Minister Charles Murigande on Monday. Fr Theunis was arrested in Kigali at the beginning of this month and charged with having a key role in incitement to teh 1994 genocide. The White Fathers have adamantly defended Fr Theunis and say the Belgian Foreign Minister "now hopes in a rapid transferral of the case". A spokesman said Fr Theunis had overcome the initial shock of his arrest, and has integrated well into the Christian community of the central prison of Kigali, where he is finding a new mission among the prisoners. He said: "After three weeks in prison Fr Theunis appears to be holding up both physically and psychologically. He receives newspapers each day and it is possible to visit him. He is not in isolation and said he is touched by the numerous initiatives to support him." Source: MISNA

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