Symposium on Catholic social teaching held in China

 A Symposium on "Catholic Social Doctrine and Social Responsibility" has been held in Beijing, organised jointly by the Chinese Social Academy's Institute for the Study of Christianity and Misereor the charity fund of the German Catholic Bishops' Conference. The Symposium was for individuals and organisations involved in social services and the study of Christianity in China. Scholars, experts, theologians, priests and lay people spoke on various themes including: "The relation between religion and society"; "Society, culture and globalisation"; "Christian religion and social service"; "Catholic Social ethics social responsibility"; "The social question and social service offered by Christian churches"; "Environment, social justice and social service". During the symposium the director of the Institute for the Study of Religions and the Institute for the Study of Christianity at the Chinese Social Academy Prof Zhuo Xin Ping and the head of the Misereor delegation confirmed their willingness to work for ever more fruitful collaboration between the two realities. Prof. Zhuo said: "Our discussion helped to demonstrate more clearly the bond which exists between Catholic Social Teaching and social service with concrete examples and testimony". Source: Fides

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