Kenyan church prays on eve of historic vote

 The Catholic bishops in Kenya at the weekend called for three days of national prayers ahead of the national referendum which takes place today. They have asked Kenyans to accept the outcome of the poll. Large rallies by the supporters and opponents of the Proposed New Constitution were held over the weekend. The government has declared today and tomorrow public holidays. The result of the poll should be announced tomorrow. More than 11 million 11,608,000 are expected to cast their ballots to decide the fate of the Draft Law, 15 years since the start of the clamour for a new constitution. A major concern for the Christians in Kenya is a section of the draft constitution which proposes the introduction of Moslem courts in Moslem areas, to deal particular particularly with domestic cases. At least nine people have already died in referendum-related violence in various parts of the country. Several others were injured. Source: CISA

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