Pax Christi concern for Thomas Kember

 Following the news of the kidnapping of British peace campaigner with two Canadians and an American, in Iraq, Pat Gaffney, General Secretary of Pax Christi issued the following statement this morning: Members and supporters of Pax Christi are offering their prayerful support for the safe release of Norman Kember and the others abducted in Iraq on Saturday 26 November. Since 2002 Norman has been a trustee of the Christian Peace Education Fund, set up by Pax Christi in 1984. The fund supports peace education initiatives in the United Kingdom. As a trustee, Norman has always shown his commitment to peacemaking and the power of nonviolence, encouraging others to explore these means in schools and communities. Norman, a Baptist, has been consistent in his opposition to the war with Iraq, joining with Pax Christi and other peace groups at protests and public meetings. His deep conviction that war is wrong must have led him to make this visit to Iraq to be in solidarity with the people of Iraq and to see first-hand the devastation of the war on the lives of ordinary people.

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