Kenya: 'Apostle to the Maasai' calls it a day after 44 years

 A Dutch missionary who fell in love with the Maasai people of Kenya and worked with them for 44 years has finally retired. Fr Frans Mol MHM, a Mill Hill missionary fondly known as the 'Apostle to the Maasai' in Ngong' Diocese, left Kenya on December 3. He is 70. The author of five books on the Maasai came to Kenya aged 36. "Ever since he came to Ngong Diocese in 1961, he had a liking for the Maasai people. He learned their language and culture," said a statement from the bishop's office. "His patience and love of the people brought quite a number of Maasai to Christianity. He is known in all the Maasai districts of Kajiado, Transmara, Laikipia and Narok." Because of Fr Mol's devotion, he was put in charge of the Maasai Apostolate Team, a group of priests that focused their pastoral work on Maasai missions. Fr Mol recruited Maasai catechists and taught the Maa language to many foreigners who went to work in Ngong and the other Maa-speaking dioceses of Lodwar and Maralal. He has also been a member of the Apostolate to the Nomads for a long time. He was involved with the Oltepesi Cultural Institute. Before his departure, three farewell parties were organised at the Mill Hill regional house in Nairobi, at the Residence of the Netherlands Embassy and at Watakatifu Wote Senta, Ngong'. Source: CISA

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