US Supreme Court favours parental notification for teenage abortion

 Yesterday the US Supreme Court in Washington ruled unanimously that a lower court was wrong to overturn a New Hampshire law requiring that a parent be informed 48 hours before a minor has an abortion. In 24 US states parental approval is required before an abortion, and a further 19 other states require parental notification. The decision of the Supreme Court comes days before the High Court in London is due to deliver judgement in a similar legal challenge. The UK case is mounted by Sue Axon, a Manchester woman seeking to overturn the UK guidelines, which permit a minor to have an abortion without parental notification. Judgement will be delivered next Monday. "The Supreme Court ruling is very encouraging indeed,' said Julia Millington of the ProLife Alliance. 'The legal requirement for parental notification recognises that parents are the people most likely to act in the best interests of their children. We hope that the UK judiciary will follow the example of their US counterparts." Source: ProLife Alliance

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