New Orleans Easter Mass to be televised across America

 New Orleans Archbishop Alfred C Hughes will celebrate an Easter Sunday Mass from the city's Cathedral of St Louis which will be available to ABC-TV stations nationwide. The historic cathedral survived the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and stands as a symbol of the resilient faith of the people of the Archdiocese of New Orleans. The hour-long liturgical special is being produced by WLAE-TV in New Orleans in cooperation with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' Catholic Communication Campaign (CCC). Archbishop Hughes will also be the homilist for the Mass and music will be provided by the Cathedral Choir. The Cathedral of St Louis, which was established in 1718, had recently completed an extensive renovation when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans last August. Located on Jackson Square in the French Quarter, the cathedral fortunately did not sustain major structural damage from the storm and flooding, although a new organ was destroyed. Parishioners from all over the archdiocese will gather for the Easter Mass to rejoice in Christ's resurrection and to renew their baptismal vows as a testimony to their faith amidst the desolation that still engulfs much of the city. "New Orleans was chosen as the location for this celebration because of the catastrophic events surrounding Hurricane Katrina," said CCC Director of Production Ellen McCloskey. "The archdiocese enthusiastically accepted our offer to host the Mass and they consider it a special honour and a unique opportunity to show the rest of the country the significance of faith and hope in the recovery of their great city." Easter Mass from the Cathedral of St Louis will be scheduled to air on Easter Sunday, April 16, at the discretion of ABC-TV affiliate stations. A list of stations and scheduled broadcasts will be available on the USCCB web site from tomorrow. Viewers can also contact their local ABC-TV affiliates to ask about their plans to air the program. This liturgical special is provided by USCCB through its membership in the Interfaith Broadcasting Commission, a consortium of Christian and Jewish groups that provides religious and spiritual programming to network television. The Catholic Communication Campaign is an activity of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops that develops media programming, public service announcements, and other resources to promote Gospel values.

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