US bishops approve new Mass translation

American bishops overwhelmingly approved the texts of the new translations for the Mass at a conference in Washington last week. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops voted 173-29 for the new translation, at its biannual meeting on Thursday, after a debate over several small changes in wording.

AP reports that the translation for Mass would change key prayers spoken for decades by millions of US parishioners. But before Mass changes at parish level, the American version must go to offices in the Holy See for final approval, a process a bishop leader said could take years.

Bishop Donald Trautman, chairman of the conference's Committee on Liturgy, said the vote marked the biggest changes since the Second Vatican Council, when the Latin Mass was replaced by the vernacular languages in each country.

"It's a new liturgical moment," Trautman said. "It is the first major item to call for change to the Mass text and it will affect the worship life of every Catholic in the United States and beyond." The new translation alters the wording of key texts , including the Creed, the Gloria, the Penitential Rite, the Sanctus and Communion.

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