Petition to free abducted human rights worker in Zimbabwe

 In the last few days we have received a number of reports of people being arrested and imprisoned without charge by the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe. Today we received a message from Harare appealing for the release of Jestina Mukoko.

I am asking for your urgent help in responding to the abduction three days ago of Jestina Mukoko, 42, a human rights campaigner in Zimbabwe. She was abducted in the middle of the night by 12 men claiming to be policemen.

Jestina is the Director of the Zimbabwe Peace Project, an organisation working to fight President Mugabe's corrupt regime. She was taken from her home by force, and was barefoot, wearing only a nightgown. She is without her glasses and diabetes medication. Her teenage son witnessed the abduction and said she was taken away in two cars, one of which had no registration plates.

Since Jestina's abduction, two other staff members of the Zimbabwe Peace Project have been arrested. To date no one knows their whereabouts.

Many people in Zimbabwe are doing everything in their power to find Ms Mukoko and her colleagues.

People like Jestina Mukoko have worked fearlessly in the face of oppression and intimidation. We hope that with your help we can show the Zimbabwean government that the world is paying attention.

ICN will be sending a petition to the Zimbabwean Ambassador to the UK asking him to do all he can to help release Ms Mukoko immediately, and ensure she is safe. To sign the petition, e-mail: marking the e-mail Zimbabwe Petition. (If you would prefer not to be named, just give the name of the town where you live).

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