Mumbai Catholics organise 'peace chain'

 'Join hands for unity' this is the slogan being used by the Catholics of Bombay who are working towards peace, following the recent attacks.

The Bombay Catholic Sabha, Mumbai's main lay Catholic organisation held a silent demonstration after the attacks.

Thousands of people joined hands in the centre of the city. Other Christian denominations and Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs, and other citizens encircled the city's main religious and political sites with their embrace, expressing their desire for peace and the hope of harmony that exists among the entire population.

More than 100 civilian organizations present at the event, along with student movements, labor unions, human rights associations, non-governmental organizations, and crowds of civilians.

"We, the people of Bombay, who have seen the hate and blood in our city, promise that we will not surrender to the terror and all those who call for war, violence, hate, and intolerance. We will work to make Bombay a peaceful and united city and to build a world based on the principles of tolerance, peace, equality, and justice," a statement from organizers said.

The statement makes precise requests of the city's governing body: to take the appropriate measures, in both the short and long term, to fight the violence; guarantee honesty and better coordination of security forces; carry out initiatives for fighting religious extremism in India and Pakistan; punish those guilty of terrorism; continue protecting the rights of individuals, without carrying out violations in the name of anti-terrorism; approve a document against Inter-community Violence, which is often carried out on religious minorities; adopt a moderate policy that does not exclude any certain religious community.

The organisers are now planning a large 'Human Chain for Peace' tomorrow, 12 December, to symbolize the desire for unity and reconciliation among all the citizens of Bombay.

Source: Fides

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