Zimbabwean Council of Churches ousts president who supported Mugabe

 A Methodist bishop who has been a strong supporter of Mugabe was voted out of his job as president of the ecumenical Zimbabwean Council of Churches last Wednesday. Bishop Peter Nemapare, was voted out by more than 55 bishops and heads of denominations that attended the meeting as delegates. He had not served his full term of office. According to insiders who attended the meeting he was accused of working in collusion with the ruling party to recruit Christians to Zanu PF. Nemapare is the bishop of the African Methodist church in Bulawayo. Matabeleland Anglican Church Bishop, Wilson Sitshebo, replaced him on the Council. At the meeting Nemapare tried to contest for the posts of deputy president, treasurer and committee member, but was snubbed by delegates. Church leaders were concerned by the fact that Nemapare had been such a vocal supporter of the Zanu PF and its policies. The government stands accused of committing gross human rights violations including genocide, destroying people's homes in the middle of winter and electoral fraud. Nemapare has often praised the government. He was part of a group of church leaders who laughed uncontrollably at a recent meeting when Mugabe made comments about Bulawayo Catholic Archbishop Pius Ncube. Calls have been made for his total ousting from the Council.

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