Letter from Lebanon 2

 Pax Christi volunteer Roula is a university student in London. She went to Beirut to attend a family wedding and was due to return here on the 24th of July. She is now stranded in the Lebanon. Good morning Pat, I emailed the British embassy last night (Monday) - no electricity all day. As you know I am not a British citizen. Can you imagine that even the Palestinian authority called for evacuation of its citizens!! If not through the British embassy I can in no way leave Lebanon. I might have mentioned before that the only way people have been using is Syria. The main roads are all bombed. My Dad knows many of the roads in the area known as mountain of Lebanon, so everyday we think of the back-roads and villages that are still usable as roads to get through. Needless to say that by the sixth day of war this list reaches half. As for my dad's phone, thanks a lot we managed. My dad and I went to the Palestinian camp Einelhelweh (at the city's edge) yesterday and his friend told us of a shop that has recharging cards, we are fine for now. Thanks a lot from my whole family for you and Valerie. The bombing is now in a radius of around ONE kilometer from our house. Nation wide it has reached areas in north Lebanon that have never been bombed before. At the beginning the Israelis used to bomb bridges but wait till no cars are passing. Now they don't care, several people have been killed while in their cars, running away from their destroyed villages and towns. A group of villagers (families) whom Israel asked to evacuate their houses, went to the UN forces - the French battalion (there is a UNIFIL UN interim forces in south Lebanon located in the area), a refuge they were denied. Israeli planes shelled the 2 cars carrying the families (all Ghannam family) the photos of the children are horrific. By the way this is not a Hizbullah supporter village, it is not even a Shia village. Which sends the message that this is not a war on Hizbullah and its supporters only. I have to go now because the electricity is off and the computer charger is beeping. Will email you again when I can. Regards Roula Source: Pax Christi

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