Voices of peace from the Holy Land

 (ICN is on holiday at the moment but in view of events in the Middle East we've decided to post up this important message which was sent to us by Pax Christi today.) Dear Friends, Wanting to share with you news of some of the peace groups in Israel who are trying to present another voice at this time of madness. I am sure that some of them would value messages of support and encouragement as we hear nothing in our press about such movements and one can only imagine how they must be treated by their own media. Also, news of Gaza and the West Bank is almost off the news lists so these sites may give some useful updates. Below you will find a speech given at a peace rally in Tel Aviv by the Israeli Uri Avnery who is part of the Gush Shalom movement. I found it most moving. It seems that there were between 5,000 - 10,000 people at that peace rally. You can read more about it here on the Gush Shalom site: http://zope.gush-shalom.org/home/en their email is info@gush-shalom.org Another interesting Israeli site is: www.kibush.co.il The aim of this website is to provide information and alternative commentary on the ongoing developments in the Occupied Territories - the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Pat G Speech given at Rally in Tel Aviv on 5 August The black flag Of illegality Flies over this war. The black flag Of mourning Hovers over all of us. It is being said That we are a marginal group. That we are outsiders. That the huge majority Opposes all that we are doing. And I say: Indeed. We are outsiders. We are the few Facing the masses that thirst for war. But next month Or next year Every one of us will proudly proclaim: I was here! I called for a stop To this accursed war! And thousands who are cursing us now - Next month, next year, Will claim that they, too, were here, That they, too, opposed This mad war. From here, On behalf of this demonstration, I say to Ehud Olmert: Stop this madness! The war has gone to your head! You are intoxicated by it! You are a junky of war! A war from which Nothing good will come. Stop, before it is too late! From here, On behalf of this demonstration, I say to Amir Peretz: Many of those here Have voted for you. You have lied to them! You have cheated them! You pretended to be a social reformer, You promised to take money from the army And invest it in education and welfare. Now you have become A man of death and destruction, You have become a monster! Stop, before it is too late! From here, On behalf of this demonstration, I say to Hassan Nasrallah: You have carried out a dangerous provocation, You have provided the warmongers with a pretext, You have played their game. Let us stop this right now! Let us begin to negotiate - Israel, Lebanon and Syria - To exchange the prisoners, To put an end to bombs and rockets. From here, On behalf of this demonstration, I say to Our Palestinian partners: We have not forgotten you!!! We know about the atrocities That happen every day in Gaza And the other occupied territories. We must cooperate In order to put an end to this war, To exchange the prisoners, To make peace between our two peoples. From here, On behalf of this demonstration, I say to the Lebanese people: As an Israeli, I feel deep shame For what we are doing to you! For the devastation we have brought on you. Deep shame! When this madness Is finally over, We shall struggle together - Israelis and Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese, Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel - So that we can live a normal life, Each in his free state, Side by side In PEACE! Source: Pax Christi

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