America prays for victims of Amish school shooting

 Christians of all denominations across America have been praying for the victims of the shooting at an Amish school in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, which left five children dead and another five injured. The local Catholic Bishop, Rt Rev Kevin Rhoades said that the parishes and schools in his diocese were united in prayer with the Pennsylvania Amish community. In a message to the community he said: "I extend deep sympathy and prayerful remembrance to all our brothers and sisters in the Amish community of Lancaster County. Our hearts go out to you during this time of sorrow." "We pray for an end to all violence in our society, especially in our schools. May the Lord, the prince of peace, protect us, particularly our children, from all harm and help us to build a culture of life and peace in our community, in our nation and in our world." The Amish are the Anabaptist Christian descendants of German settlers who reject many types of modern technology in their effort to lead a life true to the Bible. As pacifists they refuse to have guns or join the armed forces. A spokesman for the bereaved community said they were in deep shock but continued to be sustained by the love of God, and by a strong belief in non-violence and the power of forgiveness.

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