Sudanese Bishops appeal to Kenyan Sisters for support

 Two Catholic bishops have made an urgent appeal to the Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya (AOSK) to share resources and staff with the church in the Sudan. The AOSK currently represents more than 100 religious congregations. The two bishops: Caesar Mazzolari of Rumbek Diocese and Bishop Emeritus Paride Taban of Torit Diocese told the general assembly of AOSK, meeting at Cheichemi Uzima Centre , Karen between October 14 and 15 that the church in the Sudan was currently witnessing a shortage of church manpower to "cope with the pressing pastoral needs of the people". This has partly due to the return of many thousands of refugees and internally displaced people, who have fled 21 years of the civil strife the country. Last year, on January 9, a comprehensive peace accord was signed between the Khartoum Government and the Sudanese Peoples Movement (SPLM), bring to an end the many years of civil strife in this Eastern African country. The bishops, who had earlier on addressed the sisters' general assembly on the recent history and present situation of the church in Sudan (Bishop Mazzolari) and the situation of our sister church in Sudan and planning for an AOSK response (Bishop Taban), said apart for the normal church pastoral programs, other affected areas included those of education, health and food. "We appeal to you to see you can do in this aspect. We are turning to you , for we believe something good can come out of this appeal", Bishop Taban said.. The head of AOSK, Sister Mary Gitao of Loreto Sisters' congregation promised the bishops that the association would meet next month (November) to make a decision on the issue. But she assured them that their answer would be positive. This year's theme for the general assembly was : Who Is My Neighbour.

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