Archbishop Ncube endorses ecumenical proposals for Zimbabwe

 Bishop Pius Ncube of Bulawayo has endorsed the new joint ecumenical publication 'The Zimbabwe We Want: Towards a National Vision', issued by the main Christian Churches last week. The Archbishop was speaking on SW Radio Africa with journalist Violet Gonda, last week with Bishop Trevor Manhanga of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe and Bishop Levee Kadenge of the Christian Alliance. Describing the document as "Rushed" Archbishop Ncube said: "Well I just thought 'OK, half a loaf is better than nothing'. If we could get peace initiatives going and we settle the problems for the people of Zimbabwe and people return to normalcy and live happy lives. Zimbabweans are desperate; we are looking for every possible way. So we are saying if this document can be a road map towards peace then perhaps half a loaf is better than nothing.: He said he hoped it would be taken seriously by the government, who had up to now been "feathering their own nests' rather than considering the needs of the people.' To hear the full interview or see a transcript visit:

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