Caritas Jerusalem issues urgent appeal for medical supplies

 Caritas Jerusalem report that the situation in Gaza is one of "shock and pandemonium" following Wednesday's attack on Beit Hanoun, which killed 19 people, including 10 children and seven women. In the last week, more than 70 people have been killed and more than 250 injured in Northern Gaza. Land was also confiscated and homes in Beit Hanoun were demolished during this most recent incursion, the agency said. Later today, Caritas will be attending an urgently scheduled coordination meeting in Jerusalem with representatives from all the NGOs and UN agencies working in Gaza to assess the situation and the needs in Beit Hanoun and Northern Gaza at this time. Caritas Jerusalem's Director of the Gaza Medical Centre, Dr Bandalay Sayegh, has reported a desperate need for immediate medical supplies for the hospital in Beit Hanoun. He said: "Ambulances have been attacked in Beit Hanoun. Our own Caritas Mobile Clinic went to Beit Hanoun, but we have not been able to enter the area. We are in contact with our medical colleagues in Beit Hanoun seeking to know their needs so that we can do our best to respond to them in benefit of those who are injured and need medical care." Health projects manager, Mr Jameel Khoury, said: "At this moment, we have a specific need for medicines and for items to dress and treat wounds like gauze and cotton. We are currently seeking immediate support to provide these items now to the Beit Hanoun Hospital. Other needs will surely present themselves in the coming hours." Source: Caritas Jerusalem

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