Russian Orthodox priest and family die in arson attack

 A Russian Orthodox priest, Father Andrei Nikolayev, his wife Oksana and three young children died in a fire at their home on overnight to Sunday in the village Dalekushi in Central Russia's Tver region. The oldest of the children was a boy named David of 9 years old. His two younger sisters, Anna and Anastasia, were 7 and 4 years of age. The Russian Interior Ministry has set up an operational headquarters for an investigation into the family's death. Prosecutors of Tver region have opened a criminal case into the death of priest and his family. Regional Governor Dmitry Zelenin has brought the investigation under his personal control. Parishioners and residents of the village told SVM News they believed Fr Andrei Nikolayev and family had been killed by thieves looking for money to buy alcohol. Recently icons were stolen from the church. The funeral of the family was held in a cemetery in the village of Vasilkovo on Tuesday.

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