The crib is a simple way of remembering Christ, says Pope

 Pope Benedict has encouraged Catholics to set up cribs as "a simple and eloquent way of remembering Christ". Speaking to pilgrims in St Peter's Square during his General Audience yesterday, the Holy Father said: "It is my hope that such an important element not only of our spirituality, but also of our culture and art, continues to be a simple and eloquent way of remembering Christ." Pope Benedict also urged Christians to defend the spirit of Christmas against secular trends. "False prophets continue to offer cheap salvation which ends up in deep delusions," he said. "It is the duty of Christians to spread through a witness of life the truth of Christmas, which Christ brings to every man and woman of good will." "Today many consider God irrelevant. Even believers sometimes seek tempting but illusory shortcuts to happiness. And yet perhaps even because of this confusion, humanity seeks a saviour, and awaits the coming of Christ," the Pope said. The Holy Father wished pilgrims a 'Happy Christmas' in seven languages. Source: VIS

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