Papal Knight to marry Princess

 The engagement has been announced between Mr Anthony Bailey, KCSS, of London, younger son of Mr and Mrs Colin Bailey, of Drumcannon, County Waterford, Ireland, and Princess Marie-Therese, younger daughter of Prince Peter von Hohenberg, of Vienna, Austria, and Princess Christine von Hohenberg, of Salzburg, Austria. Princess Marie-Therese is the granddaughter of Duke Maximilian of Hohenberg, eldest son of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whose assassination in Sarajevo in 1914 lead to the outbreak of World War One. Princess Maria-Therese, born in 1972, is a Vienna-based architect. Her father, Prince Peter is a retired banker and her mother, an artist. Mr Anthony Bailey, born in 1970, is the third son of British-born retired engineer Mr Colin Bailey and Irish-born Mrs Veronica Bailey, who for many years has been fostering abused children. They live in Drumcannon, County Waterford, Ireland. One of the leading Catholic fundraisers and benefactors in the country, Mr Bailey was granted a Papal Knighthood by Pope John Paul II for his many charitable, humanitarian and interfaith intiitatives - among them the Three Faiths Forum. He is involved in several government advisory bodies dealing with interfaith, education issues and prison reform in the UK, and has extensive experience in dialogue, peace and reconciliation work in several middle eastern countries.

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