Priest shot in South Africa: condition improving

 Father Kieran Creagh, the Passionist priest shot last week by robbers at the Aids hospice he founded in Johannesburg, is in a 'critical but stable' condition, his family said. Surgeons removed a bullet from his lung on Friday and he has now been taken off his ventilator. Fr Keiran's father and brother Paul are at his hospital bedside. His brother Paul, in Belfast, said: "My brother Paul says that he is in brilliant form he sounds and looks like himself again." "He's talking to them. He doesn't remember very much about the last few days except that he says he remembers people talking about him dying and being very afraid," Liam said. "But he doesn't really remember too much about the robbery itself." He said that his brother loved South Africa and its people, but was aware of the dangers of living there. There has been massive support for Fr Keiran since the attack. South African president Thabo Mbeki has sent a message of support. Liam said: "We have had calls from right across the religious divide - unbelievable calls of prayer and support." See also: 2 March 2007 Irish missionary priest shot in South Africa

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