International artist gives bronze statue to Stonyhurst

A new bronze statue depicting St. Ignatius Loyola, has been blessed at its new home outside the entrance to Stonyhurst, St. Marys Hall.

The statue was created by internationally renowned artist Gines Serran and is one of a pair. The other statue is to be given to the Pope.

Gines Serran is the father of ex-pupil Paco, who left Stonyhurst last year. Both father and son attended the ceremony that was conducted by the Jesuit Provincial, The Very Reverend Fr Michael Holman SJ.

Mr Serran, who lives in China, was inspired by the life story of St Ignatius Loyola, and went to Spain to visit his birthplace and learn more about him. He has created two statues of Ignatius holding a book in one hand ­ a source of knowledge and inspiration ­ and a globe in the other, reflecting his mission to reach out to the world.

Mr Serran has donated one to Stonyhurst, as a 'thank-you' to the school, and the other one will be being going to the Vatican as a gift to the Pope.

"I feel I have accomplished the mission I promised to you. The sculpture does not belong any more to me but to Stonyhurst St Mary's Hall. In spirit, St Ignatius has been there for centuries through your dedication. Now, made in bronze, he will remain as a source of inspiration for centuries to come, witnessing the generous work and love of all of you to children of all ages, helping them through education to open their lives to the world," said Mr Serran.

Lawrence Crouch, Headmaster of Stonyhurst St Mary's Hall, said: "I am delighted to announce the arrival of the new bronze statue, created and donated by Gines Serran. I cannot think of a more powerful image to remind the children of the reason for coming to Stonyhurst St Mary's Hall."

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