Solomon Islands face huge devastation

 As aid began to trickle into the western Solomons provinces hardest hit by Monday's earthquake and tsunami, aid agencies report that conditions are alarming. Entire communities have been washed away and much of the infrastructure has gone. Catholic aid agency Caritas Australia said infection would set in quickly among those injured, while drinking water supplies posed an immediate problem. "This is the tropics and infection will set in immediately. We are concerned about our supply of antibiotics for some of the injuries and anti-malarials for people who are staying outside," Caritas spokeswoman Liz Stone told Australian radio. "Many water tanks have been damaged, and we also have a problem with food supplies. The gardens have been inundated, so there is a problem with fresh food." Ms Stone said shops had also been hit by the wave, with stocks of dry food destroyed. In a Caritas Australia statement on Tuesday Honiara Archbishop Adrian Smith said: "the aftershocks of the earthquakes have been continuous throughout yesterday and today". Archbishop Smith said: "people have been forced to evacuate Taro Island to Moli. "The island of Simbo with its active volcano has suffered a lot," the archbishop said. The people there were caught between their constantly active volcano and then the waves and are afraid to move to higher ground. There seems to have been a lot of deaths in the Simbo area. The Nila health clinic has also been badly damaged." "I hope tomorrow will bring good news, telling you the waters have subsided and the cleaning up is taking place. I hope there will be relief available to all who have suffered so much," he said. Donations can be made via the Caritas website: Source: Caritas/Church Resources

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