Official Bishop of Beijing has died

 Bishop Fu Tie Shan (Michele), the Official Bishop of Beijing, died on Friday at Beijing Hospital, after a long illness. The news was given by Xin Hua news agency. Masses for the repose of his soul were said in Beijing parishes at the weekend. Local sources close to the deceased prelate said the Bishop received the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, and that the faithful were praying for the eternal repose of his soul. The Bishop's body will be laid in state this week in the parish of Nan Tang (Immaculate Conception, the present Cathedral of Beijing). The funeral will probably be held on 28 April in the presence of priests and religious in Beijing and also students from abroad. Bishop Fu Tie Shan was born in 1931 in the Qing Yuan district of the province of He Bei. Between September 1941 to June 1950 he studied at the Beijing preparatory seminary, Xi Shi Ku minor seminary, and Geng Xin high school. From June 1950 to July 1956 he studied philosophy and theology at the major seminary of Beijing archdiocese Wen Sheng College (where the Italian great missionary Fr. Matteo Ricci is buried). From July 1956 to July 1979 he ministered as a priest in Holy Saviour at Bei Tang parish and Immaculate Conception Nan Tang parish. He taught foreign languages at Beijing Institute for Theology. From January 1963 to June 1966 studied at Red Flag Hong Qi University in the Xuan Wu district of Beijing, working to pay for his studies. From July 1979 to January 1992 he was vice president of the 6th and 7th national consultation conference, vice president of the diocesan administration commission, vice president of the Chinese Bishops Conference, Bishop of the diocese of Beijing councillor of the Chinese association for international exchange and of the Chinese Foundation for the wellbeing of Disabled Persons. He was ordained a bishop (without Holy See approval) on 21 December 1979 by Bishop Yang Gao Jian (then Bishop of Chang De diocese in the province of Hu Nan). Since 2003 he had been vice-president of the Chinese People's Assembly. Source: Fides

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