Catholic students meet in Bulawayo

  70 students attended from tertiary colleges all over Zimbabwe, plus one delegate from Zambia.

Fr Innocent Ndlovu, parish priest of Cowdray Park / Gwabalanda, spoke on 'An instrument called Truth - use it for Justice;, followed by a lively discussion.

Rodrick Fayayo from Bulawayo Agenda looked at the current Zimbabwean political scene, and the distinction between of a Government of National Unity and a Transitional Arrangement.

The University of Zimbabwe CCJP Vice President then discussed the phenomenon of Xenophobia.

The students also visited Bulawayo Central hospital, where they did some cleaning up of the grounds and filling in potholes.

At the AGM, members elected two new members on to the National Executive, and confirmed the members of the interim executive who had been elected at the Easter meeting: President Brian Nyagwaya (MSU), Vice President Nyasha Mushuku (NUST), Treasurer Plaxades Dhodho (Hre Poly), PRO Morestart.

The AGM also discussed how to solve the problems the students had in organising this conference. This was due to a breakdown in the normal funding source, and the fact that the National Chaplain had to go into hiding, like other priests, after threats against him.

The National Executive was tasked to research into the possibility of setting up a Board made up of former NMCS members, many of whom are now in responsible positions. There was also the suggestion that NMCS now needs to employ a full time coordinator. -

Source: Mbare Report

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