Kenya: conference on African spirituality

 More than 100 Catholic and non Catholic theologians gathered in Nairobi yesterday for the start of a three-day international conference on African Spirituality. The Nairobi conference is being co-ordinated by the Institute of Spirituality and Religious Formation, Tangaza College, Nairobi, The Department of Spiritual Theology of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Langata, Kenya and Saint Paul's United Theological College, Limuru, Kenya. The main conference topics are: Women and African Spirituality; The Language of African Spirituality; African Spirituality: Source of contemporary Spirituality; African Spirituality: An Orthodox Perspective; African Spirituality: A Muslim Perspective; Studying African Spirituality: Approaches and Methods; Animals in African Religion and Religiosity; African Ancestral Christology as a Basis for African Spirituality; The Resilience of African Spirituality; Current Work on African Spirituality; Local languages and Development of African Spirituality and African Spirituality: A Practical Life. Participants will also explore ways and means of forming a Standing Committee or African Spirituality Association. This is the second international conference of this kind to take place on African soil. The first was in Johannesburg, South Africa, January last year - jointly organized by the Spirituality Association of South Africa and Saint Augustine's College.

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