Kenya: priest appeals for clampdown on killer sect

 A Kenyan priest has pleaded with the government to take action to stop a spate of beheadings that are believed to have been carried out by the outlawed Mungiki religious sect. Speaking to journalists at Nairobi's Holy Family Minor Basilica yesterday, immediately after the Mass which was attended by President Mwai Kibaki, Father James Maloba said he was concerned that several people in various parts of the country and been killed in this way. He said the government and in particular, the minister for internal security, should do more to assure Kenyans of their security, following this wave of killings. The most recent killings took place in Murang'a, the homeland of the country's minister for internal security, and in Othaya in Nyeri, Central Province, the home place of President Kibaki. The outlawed Mungiki religious sect is said to be a movement of young people in the Kikuyu community and mainly operates in the central region of the country. In recent times, Kenyan security operators have arrested hundreds of young people, suspected to be members of the movement as well as some members of Parliament, suspected to be either Mungiki members or sympathizers.

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