Kenya: Kaiser murder enquiry resumes

The enquiry commission into the murder of Father John Kaiser, who was killed on August 23, 2000 resumed in Nairobi yesterday. Senior State Counsel, James Mungai Warui delivered his submission at Nairobi's High Court, where the commission of inquiry is being heard by principal magistrate, Mrs Maureen Odero.

After summing up the case, Mr Warui concluded: "It is our submission, that taking into consideration the evidence that was adduced before this honourable court, there is no evidence of any other person's involvement in the deceased's death and in the circumstances, we urged this honourable court to close this inquest in accordance with Section 387 (5) of the Criminal Procedure Code, Cap 75, Laws of Kenya.

The Church, family and Mill Hill congregation's lawyer, Mr Mbuthi Gethinji will deliver his submission tomorrow. After the killing, an FBI enquiry concluded that Fr Kaiser had killed himself. This caused a great furore among those who knew the priest. After the decision was contested by the Catholic Church, Fr Kaiser's family and the Mill Hill congregation, President Mwai Kibaki gave permission for the new commission to re-examine the case.

ICN Published Friday, June 6, 2003 6:00 am

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