Twenty-three new cardinals receive their red hats

 Pope Benedict XVI created 23 new Cardinal from around the world on Saturday, in a ceremony held in St Peter's Basilica. The Holy Father began by reading out the names of the 23, each greeted with cheers. Outside in St Peter's Square, Senegalese pilgrims danced, overjoyed that one of their own, Cardinal Theodore-Adrien Sarr, had been honoured; Irish pilgrims waved flags as they heard the name of Archbishop Sean Brady of Armagh; Iraqis ululated and waved Iraqi flags to honour Cardinal Emmanuel-Karim Delly the 80-year-old Chaldean Patriarch of Baghdad, Emmanuel-Karim Delly, who became Iraq's first-ever cardinal. During his homily the Pope said: "Calling into the College of Cardinals the Patriarch of the Chaldean Church, I intended to express in a concrete way my spiritual closeness and my affection for that people (Iraqi Christians),". "They are experiencing in their own flesh the dramatic consequences of an enduring conflict and now live in a fragile and delicate political situation," Pope Benedict said. After his homily the new cardinals knelt to receive their red hats from Pope Benedict. The Holy Father told them that red signifies the dignity of their new office and that they must be ready to act "even to the point of spilling your blood for the increase of the Christian faith, for peace and harmony among the people of God, for freedom and the spread of the Holy Roman Catholic Church." Yesterday, each new cardinal received his special ring. Eighteen of the Cardinals are under 80 years of age, bringing the total number of Cardinals that will be able to elect the next Pope, to 120. The new cardinals are: Archbishop Leonardo Sandri, from Argentina. Archbishop John Foley, from the USA Archbishop Giovanni Lajolo, governor of Vatican City, Italy Archbishop Josef Cordes, from Germany. Monsignor Angelo Comastri, archpriest of St Peter's Basilica, Italy. Archbishop Stanislaw Rylko, from Poland Monsignor Raffaele Farina, archivist and librarian of the Vatican's Apostolic Library, Italy. Archbishop Agustin Garcia-Gasco Vicente of Valencia, Spain. Archbishop Sean Baptist Brady, primate of Ireland. Archbishop Lluis Martinez Sistach of Barcelona, Spain. Archbishop Andre Vingt-Trois of Paris, France. Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco of Genoa, Italy/ Archbishop Theodore-Adrien Sarr of Dakar, Senegal. Archbishop Oswald Gracias of Mumbai, India. Archbishop Francisco Robles Ortega of Monterrey, Mexico. Archbishop Daniel DiNardo of Galveston-Houston, Texas, USA. Archbishop Odilio Pedro Scherer of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Archbishop John Njue of Nairobi, Kenya. The five prelates who are over 80: Patriarch Emmanuel III Delly of Baghdad, Iraq Monsignor Giovanni Coppa, Vatican diplomat, Italy Archbishop Estanislao Esteban Karlic, emeritus archbishop of Parana, Argentina. Rev Urbano Navarette, SJ Jesuit, former rector of the Pontifical Gregorian University. Rev Umberto Betti, a Franciscan, former rector of the Pontifical Lateran University. Source: VIS

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