India: parish celebrates Word of God in Family Bible Quiz

 A Family Bible Quiz was conducted at St Xavier's Parish, in Shahbad-Daulatpur, Delhi, recently. A good number of families participated in it. The questions were asked from the first eight chapters of the Gospel According to Mark. The parishioners were given the question bank a month ago to help them prepare. During the month of October, many families gather together to pray the Rosary/ This year they also read the Gospels together as a preparation for the Quiz. Reading and searching for answers to the questions in the Gospels has helped the parishioners in many ways. For some, it was an exercise of improving their spiritual life, when they are away from their traditional Christian communities. For some others, it was an opportunity to understand God's love in depth. The quiz also has helped people to organise their lives based on Gospel values. Many thanks to Fr Victor Edwin SJ, for passing on this report.

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