Kenya: dozens killed in attack on church

 At least 50 people sheltering in a church, most of them women and children, were killed in Kenya yesterday when a mob torched the building. The victims had sought refuge at the Assemblies of God church in Eldoret, 300 kilometres from Nairobi, after rioters destroyed their homes in earlier attacks. Red Cross officials say they have been overwhelmed by the number of casualties from the violence in the area and they fear worse is to come. Yesterday thousands of armed people were heading towards Burnt Forest, a few Kilometres from Eldoret. Burnt Forest has a history of violent tribal clashes. Many observers expressed concern about the fairness of the elections. Following the apparent victory of President Mwai Kibaki , four days of violent rioting has killed more than 228 people. The Catholic Church has condemned the violence and appealed for calm and tolerance. Bishop Martin Kivuva of Machakos Catholic Diocese said that history had shown violence brews violence. He appealed for political leaders to restrain their supporters. "When we preach an eye for an eye, it means that many people would go blind," he said. Kivuva said it was the ordinary Kenyan and not the leaders that were suffering. "The skirmishes we are witnessing today are affecting the poorest of all and not those who live in estates like Muthaiga and other high class estates," he said.

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