Eyewitness accounts from Kenya

 The Missionary News Service has issued these first-hand accounts from different missionaries working in Kenya. For security reasons they have all asked to remain anonymous. ELDORET: "Churches and schools have turned into dormitories for thousands of people who are escaping in fear from the past days' violence. We asked in vain to the police for some protection. We got no response. The city of Eldoret is amongst the country's hottest spots. Violence spreads and there's a shortage of basic goods, from fruit to fuel. Prices literally increased by four." KISUMU : "The curfew is on during the night and nobody moves. The atmosphere is relatively calm but food is lacking because shops and markets have been closed for days. Last night even bars stayed open late. Today we can see some vehicles, transport, ordinary activity. It's still to early to say whether banks and offices are open. We hope they will resume working and that we will be able to find essential goods such as flour, bread, milk, spices, vegetables, which have been lacking for days." MARALAL: "Many spent the night at the police station, others at a vigil in the mission which lasted all night. Yesterday, on the first of January, the atmosphere was relatively calm. Some Kikuyus were taken to the city of Nyahururu by police-escorted buses. As a consequence, Samburus in Nyahururu are now in danger and they were invited to leave the city and go back to Maralal. The situation calmed down in the afternoon, when shops were re-opened and people could do some shopping. It's not peace yet, but people are breathing." MOMBASA: "After the December 31's major tensions, the situation got relatively calm yesterday. Someone told me that is because there is nothing left to steal! Many houses were robbed around Likoni and our mission is hosting between 150 and 300 refugees, mostly women and children. The night went by calmly, because we were escorted by the police. The Red Cross offered us blankets, but food is what we need the most." NAIROBI: "I am receiving SMS's from various parts of Nairobi. Everybody is in the same situation of fear, unsafety and lack of food and other things, especially peace. They wonder what is going on and why it is happening. Everybody is praying God to save them from this madness. They pray and invite other people to pray so that peace can prevail. And they fear for their children, for their future." Source: MISNA

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