Caritas Jerusalem holds fun days for Palestinian children

 Caritas Jerusalem organized two fun days for 700 children in the Western Ramallah District village of Aboud and 200 children in the Eastern Ramallah District village of Taybeh. The fun day in Aboud took place at the Village Garden in coordination with the village council, the directors of the schools in Aboud and the Aboud Youth Club with children also coming from the neighboring villages of Deir Abu Mishal, Rantis and Shukba. The Taybeh fun day was held at the municipal building in coordination with local schools, parents and the Taybeh municipality. These events took place as part of a psycho-social project that is being implemented with the support of the municipality of Zaragoza and Caritas Spain. One of the crucial objectives of the fun day is to get children from the different locations to share the same activities and feelings, as well as gathering Palestinian children together in peace, joy and celebration. The physically challenged were also included in the activities and they were involved carefully in the participation. Involving these children is essential to let them feel that they are no different from the other children. The activities included acrobatic games between the children and the facilitating staff. Another activity of the fun day was Arabic Dabkeh (Palestinian folkloric dancing) performed with Palestinian music. The fun day lasted two hours after which gifts were distributed to all the attendees. Mr Jameel Khoury and Mr David Dahdal from Caritas Jerusalem attended the event. Staff members from the Aboud Medical Center (a Caritas Jerusalem project) coordinated with all the schools, parents, and village councils in preparation for the fun day. The event turned out to be a joyful occasion and was well-prepared and all the village residents celebrated its taking place. Commenting on the day, Jameel Khoury said: "It is great to see so many children coming to take part in these fun days. Children living in these rural villages rarely have such opportunities. It is a great thing to be a part of something that brings so much happiness to these youngsters and their communities." The Taybeh fun day took place on 5 January over the Christmas holidays while the children were out of school. It began with singing, dancing and story telling with a positive message to avoid bad habits and to take care of one's health. Different games were designed to allow the youngsters to enjoy their time. Face painting was also done for the children to develop a festive atmosphere which was followed by a visit by Santa Claus who told stories and distributed gifts to all. Source: Caritas Jerusalem

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